Who We Are

The Naz is the place for the community of Grove City to connect with each other and with the resources that grow healthy people and strong families. Whether your need is spiritual, physical, emotional, or relational, The Naz is the place to help you take your next steps...

Current Series: Summer at the Movies

(movie guy voice) In a world of gardening shows and reality tv... There is a community desperate for quality programming... Hidden within the catacombs of time... Exists the greatest movies ever filmed... Join us this summer as one man dares to explore the meaning of it all... "Summer at the Movies"... the book of James on the silver screen.

Download The Naz 2013 Annual Report to see what God has been doing here in the last year.

Worship at The Naz

Saturday Worship | Saturday - 6pm

Classic Worship | Sunday - 9am

Contemporary Worship | Sunday - 11am

Visit thenaz.tv/worship for more information.